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How To Play - Abalone - Game Rules
 Abalone, called the Game of the Decade, fortifies math, logic and reasoning skills
by causing each player to logically plan each move. 
The object is to
push your opponents
marbles off the board game using strategic moves.
This sophisticated board game is addictive!

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- To push your opponent's marbles out of the hexagonal board.

The first player to eject six of the opponent's marbles from the board wins the game. 

Winning the game

Push the opponent's marbles off the hexagon board.
First player to eject six of his/her opponent's marbles wins.

After tossing for colors, blacks play first. Players move in turn. Once played, a move cannot be changed.

Classical starting position


On his/her turn, a player may shift one, two, or three marbles together in any of the six possible directions, provided there is an adjacent free space:
In line, or broadside.

When two or three marbles of the same color shift together, they must be moved in the same direction.
Broadside moves

In-line moves
Moving more than three marbles of the same color on a single turn is not allowed.
One, two, or three marbles of the same color, which are part of a larger row, may be separated from the row played.
A single move may not lead to conquering more than one space at a time.

Sumito: Pushing Means Outnumbering

Examples of a Sumito

To push your opponent's marbles, a "Sumito" must be set up, i.e. one of the three superiority positions.

The opponent's marbles may only be pushed "in line" when in contact and only providing there is a free space behind the attacked marble or group of two marbles.

Pac": Position of Balanced Forces
The only three possible Pacs are the following:
1 to 1 Pac
2 to 2 Pac
3 to 3 Pac

More than three marbles of the same color and "in line" do not change
the three to three stand-off.

In a "Pac" position, neither side can push.
The "Pac" must be broken along a different line of attack

Impossible moves


Pushing is not allowed if:
There is no free space behind your opponent's group.
There is an empty space between your group and the opponent's.
The marbles are not in line.



A marble is ejected when it is pushed off the board. The first player
to eject six of his/her opponent's marbles wins the game

Each player may be restricted to a limited period of time for each game, e.g. 10 or 15 minutes each.  Official tournaments should always be played with time limitation.


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