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How To Play - Allowance - Game Rules
Allowance provides a great way to teach young people about earning and saving money,
as well as wisely making special purchases. Game cards indicate a task like mowing lawns
and cleaning the garage. Choices are made, as in real life, whether to spend money on
ice cream, or put it into savings.


Ages 8 - 13
Grades 3 - 8
2 - 4 Players

Allowance Game

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  1. Place the Take-A-Chance cards face down on the game board.

  2. Select one player to act as the banker. The banker handles all monetary transactions during the game. 

  3. The banker gives each player ten dollars.

Procedure For Play:

  1. Select marker and place them on Start.

  2. Spin the dial to determine the order of play.  The player with the highest number plays first.

  3. The first player spins the dial and moves the marker clockwise the appropriate number of spaces.  If the dial points to Take-A-Chance, the player selects a Take-A-Chance card and follows the instructions.  The player then spins again.

  4. When a marker is moved, players follow the instructions given in the space where the marker rests.

  5. The game can end in any way agreed upon by the players. 
    Three suggested endings are given below:

    A)  The game ends when one player has no money remaining. 
    The winner is the player with the most money.
    B)  The game ends when one of the players has $20 or more. 
    That player is the winner.
    C)  The game ends when one of the players has moved his/her marker completely around the board.  In this case, the player with the most money is the winner.


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