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How To Play - Apples To Apples Junior Card Game Rules
Educational Party Games


How To Play - Apples To Apples Junior Instructions

Apples to Junior Game
Starting The Game

1.  Remove the card tray from the box.

2.  Pick a player to be the first judge.

3.  The judge deals five red apple cards, face down, to each player (including him or herself).  Players may look at their cards.

Playing The Game

1.  The judge places the top green apple card, face up, on the table, and reads the word out loud.

2.  Each player (except the judge) picks the red apple card from his or her hand that he or she thinks is most like the green apple card, and places it face down on the table.

  • It's OK to play a red apple card even if it isn't a perfect fit.  Some judges will pick the funniest or most interesting red apple card.

3.  The judge mixes up the red apple cards so no one knows who played which card.

4.  The judge turns over each red apple card, reads it out loud, and then picks the card that he or she thinks is most like the word on the green apple card.

  • It's OK for players to try to convince the judge to pick one of the red apple cards.

  • Red apple cards that begin with "My" should be read from the judge's point of view.  For example:  when the judge reads "My Shoes," it means the judge's shoes.

  • Once the judge has picked a red apple card, the decision is final.

5.  The judge gives the green apple card to the player whose red apple card was picked.

6.  To keep score, players who have won green apple cards should keep them on the table in front of them until the end of the game.

7.  The judge picks up all the red apple cards played during that round and places them in the box.

8.  The judge passes the card tray to the left and that person becomes the new judge.

9.  The new judge deals enough red apple cards so that each player has five in their hand.

10.  Play continues following steps 1-9 until someone has won four green apple cards.

Winning The Game

The first player to earn four green apple cards wins the game!

Want To Play Again?

Place the played green apple cards on the bottom of the green card stack.  Pass the card tray to the next judge and you're ready to play again!  If you run out of red apple cards, just shuffle the discarded red apple cards, and refill the card tray.

Apples to Apples Variations

"Quick Picked Apples"

For a faster game, players must choose their red apple cards as quickly as possible.  The last red apple card placed on the table is returned to that player's hand and will not be judged during that round.

"Crab Apples"

For a tart twist, choose and judge red apple cards that are the least like, or opposite, the word on the green apple card.  For example, you might choose "Whales" when the word "Small" is played.


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