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Each president is pictured on the game board and the game can be updated
when a new president is elected. Four levels of play allow parents and children to campaign
together with everyone choosing the level that's right for them.
Over 600 questions that cover facts on the US history, geography, the Constitution and presidents.



Object of the Game

In Part 1: The Convention, players move around the outside track of presidential photos and earn Delegate Votes by answering questions about presidents and the presidency.

As soon as they have acquired sufficient votes, they begin Part 2: The Campaign Trail, which takes place in the center of the Game Board.  There, players land on state capitals and answer questions about U.S. history and geography to earn Electoral Votes.  The first candidate to earn sufficient Electoral Votes and land on the Presidential Seal near the Capital is the winner.

Levels of Play

The four questions on each card are listed in order of difficulty from the bottom: easy child, hard child, easy adult, and hard adult.  Each player chooses a level according to his or her ability.

Setting Up the Game

1. Players shall place their Playing Pieces on the Capitol Space in the Corner of the Game Board.

2. The First Turn shall be determined by a Roll of Dice, with the Player making the highest Roll to proceed first.  Play shall then continue to the player's left.


Players earn sufficient Delegate Votes to be The Party Candidate.

Article 1: Required Delegate Votes

2 Players -- 100 Votes
3 Players -- 80 Votes
4 Players -- 60 Votes

Article 2: Taking a Turn
Players shall roll the Dice and move in a counter-clockwise manner around the edge of the Board.  When in the course of human events a Player lands on a President, that Player shall respond to a President Card drawn by the Player on His or Her Left.

Article 3: Bonus Moves
Any Player drawing a Bonus Move Card shall move to the Space indicated, earn 10 Votes, and take another Turn.  A player may draw no more than 2 Bonus Moves during one Play Sequence.  If a third Bonus Move is drawn, the Player's Turn shall end.

Bonus Moves duly increase the speed at which Young Players move about the Board and win Votes.  Such Cards may be removed for those Players desiring a more difficult Challenge.

Article 4: Answering Questions
President Cards:
Players who correctly answer a question on their chosen level of difficulty shall earn 10 Delegate Votes.  The turn shall the pass to the next Player.
Bonus Question Cards: These questions refer to the President whose Picture appears on the Space occupied by a Player.  Answer shall be found on the Bonus Answer List in the center of the Instruction Booklet.

Article 5: The Corner Squares
Players landing on the Capitol, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial shall win 10 Delegate Votes.

Article 6: Campaign Cards
A Player landing on a Select-a-Campaign-Card Space shall draw a Campaign Card and shall then follow the Instructions on the Card.  Fly-Free-Between-Two -Capitals Cards shall be saved for Part II: The Campaign Trail.

Article 7: Winning Sufficient Votes
When a Player receives the required Number of Delegate Votes (Article1), that Player shall become a CANDIDATE and may move in either direction toward any Corner Square.  From a Corner Square, the Candidate may enter the center of the Board and begin Part II: The Campaign Trail.  It is not deemed necessary to land on the Corner Square by an exact Roll.  A Player may use the Square as one move the way into the Campaign Trail.

Candidates on the Campaign Trail answer questions on the State Cards in lieu of the President Cards.  They must still respond to the directives of Campaign Event Cards.


Players vie to win the required Number of States and Electoral Votes, reach the Presidential Seal near Washington, D.C. first, and be declared President of these United States. 
Article I: Required States and Electoral Votes

2 Players -- 10 States -- 100 Votes
3 Players --  8 States -- 80 Votes
4 Players --  6 States -- 60 Votes

Article 2: Landing On State Capitals
To win a State's Electoral Votes, a Player shall be required to land on the State Capital on an exact Roll of the Die.  (It shall be left to the Player's Discretion whether to use the numbers rolled on either of the Dice or the sum of both Dice in the Campaign Trail portion of the Game.)

Article 3: Answering Questions
When a Player has landed on a State Capital, that Player shall answer a Question on the chosen level of difficulty from the Sate Card Deck.  Said Card is to be drawn and read by the Player on the immediate Left.   The Questions are arranged in order of Difficulty, from Top to Bottom.

Article 4: Earning Votes
When a Player has answered a State Question correctly, that Player shall record the State's Electoral Votes on a Score Sheet.  No other Player may win that State for the duration of the Game.

Article 5: Incorrect Answers
If a Player shall answer a State Card Question incorrectly, the Player must vacate that Space on the next Turn.  The Player may return to that State for another Try on a Future Turn, however, providing No One Else has gained that State in the Interim.

Article 6: Fly Free Between Capitals
A Fly-Free-Between-Two-Capitals Card shall be used only once and returned to the Campaign Card Pile thereafter.  For example, a player who lands on Albany, New York, with the roll of the dice, can jump to Sacramento, California by using the car to end his move.

Article 7: Winning the Game
Once a Player has the required Number of States and Electoral Votes (Article 1), that Player must then reach the Presidential Seal near Washington, D.C. on the an exact Roll.  The first Candidate to do so shall be declared the Winner of the Game and the next President of the United States.  Other candidates may continue to vie for Vice President, if desired.


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