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Isolate, experience the strategy of separation.



Getting Ready to Play
Players remove and distribute the tiles.

  1. Remove the tiles from their cells on the bottom of the game board.

  2. Flip the game board over.

  3. Players choose a color and collect their tiles.  (If there are only two players, each player selects two colors - eight tiles in all.)

Players take turns putting tiles on the board until all tiles have been placed.

  1. Player 1 places his tile anywhere on the game board.

  2. Player 2 places her tile next to Player 1's tile.

  3. Player 3 and 4 place their tiles.  Tiles must be placed with at least one side touching another tile. 

  4. Players continue placing tiles on the board until all 16 tiles are placed.

Strategy Tip
Place your tiles carefully.  Strategic placement will affect both your offensive and defensive move during the game.


Moving Rows of Tiles
Players take turns sliding one row of tiles over one square at a time.  A row of tiles consists of more than one tile.  Players may slide a row beginning with any color tile.

Start your move by pushing the tile at either end of a row...

... never in the middle of a row.

Tiles may be moved horizontally...

... or vertically.

You may not repeat the move of the previous player in the opposite direction.

The aim of the game is to "isolate" all of your color tiles first.  An "isolated" tile is separated from the other tiles on the game board.

An isolated tile no longer shares sides with the other tiles on the game board.

When a tile is isolated, the player removes it from the board and places it in his pile.  The player then takes another turn.


An isolated group of tiles is always the smallest group on the board.  In just one move, a player may isolate two tiles...

three tiles...

...even four or more tiles!  If you isolate two or more equal amounts of tiles, remove the group with the most tiles of your color.

If a player isolates an opponent's tiles while isolating his own, the player removes all of the tiles, including that of his opponent.

Choose your moves wisely!  If while isolating your tile(s) you isolate your opponent's tile(s), you will help your opponent as well as yourself.

The first player to isolate and remove all of his color tiles from the board is the Isolate Champion.  With two players, a player only needs to remove one of his colors to win.


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