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How To Play - Mind Trap Game - Game Rules
Mind Trap the game that has players solving all kinds of riddles, murder mysteries and trick questions.
MindTrap is a party in a box! A great game for vacations and in the car.



Object Of The Game:

The winner is the first team or person to reach the end of the optical illusion by correctly solving the questions.

Start Of Play:

The game begins with each team choosing one of the two center "hollow" squares which determines their path - light or dark.  One team or individual marks their progress along the darker path and the other along the lighter path.  MINDTRAP can be played using a long version.  See diagrams on back for alternative travel routes. 

We will refer to the teams as 1 and 2.  To begin, one person from Team 1 selects a card.  After reading the question out loud, the "reader" flips the card over and reads the answer silently.  When the "reader" flips the card over and reads the answer silently.  When the "reader" fully comprehends the question and answer, the answering team (Team 2) is now free to re-read the question at their leisure.  If Team 2 answers correctly, they can either fill in one square on the pad and request another question,  OR roll the die (0, 1, 2 or 3) and fill in the indicated value, thereby ending their turn.  If Team 2 answers incorrectly, their turn is ended.  However, the other players on Team 1 (excluding the reader) now have the opportunity to state the answer for a bonus square on their path.  It is now Team 2's turn to read the next question to Team 1, even if their answer was incorrect.

Note:  In a team situation, the reader alternates on each question.

Inquiry Cards:
Any question preceded by a diamond is designated an "inquiry card".  This card allows the answering team to ask the reader any question they choose that will help them solve the problem.  The reader may respond with a "yes", "no", or "irrelevant".  You should word your questions so they elicit the desired response.  For example, you couldn't ask "Who's blood is on the floor?", as the reader's three possible responses would not apply.  If team 2 has failed to answer correctly,  team 1 may supply one answer correctly, team 1 may supply one answer for their bonus, but without the aid of posing questions.

The team or person who reaches either end of the "illusion" first is the winner.  However, you cannot win on a roll of the die.  To finish the game you must answer a question correctly in order to fill in the "hollow" square at the end.

Notes On Play:
There are no time limitations.  However, you are free to set any as you see fit.

We realize that on occasion there may be more than one possible answer or solution.  However, we recommend that only MindTrap's answer be accepted for the purposes of scoring.

During the inquiry stage, the reader should try to remain as neutral as possible in both answers and demeanor so as to not give anything away to the questioning team.

Many of the answers to MindTrap's questions require more than a guess.  An explanation is needed to justify the answer and earn a point.


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