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How To Play - Quoridor Game - Game Rules
You will love these Logic and Strategy games!
Why not play Quoridor Mensa award winning wooden board game!

- one board with 81 squares;
- two storage slots for the fences;
- 20 fences and 4 pawns.

To be the first to reach the line opposite to one's base line.

When the game starts the fences are placed in their storage area (10 for each player).
Each player places his pawn in the centre of his base line.
A draw will determine who starts first.
How To Play The Game Quoridor: 
Each player in turn, chooses to move his pawn or to put up one of his fences.
When he has run out of fences, the player must move his pawn.

Pawn moves
The pawns are moved one square at a time, horizontally or vertically, forwards or backwards.
The pawns must get around the fences.

Positioning of the fences
The fences must be placed between 2 sets of 2 squares.
The fences can be used to facilitate the player’s progress or to impede that of the opponent, however, an access to the goal line must always be left open.

Face to face
When two pawns face each other on neighboring squares which are not separated
by a fence, the player whose turn it is can jump the opponent’s pawn
(and place himself behind him), thus advancing an extra square. If there is a fence behind the said pawn, the player can place his pawn to the left or the right of the other pawn.

The first player who reaches one of the 9 squares opposite his base line is the winner.

From 10 to 20 minutes.
In a tournament, it possible to allocate a set time to each player.

When the game starts, the 4 pawns are placed in the centre of each of the sides
of the board and each player is given 5 fences.
The rules are identical to those for two players, but it is forbidden to jump more
than one pawn.

© Copyright 1997 GigamicS.A. from a concept of Mirko Marchesi, developped by EPTA srl and QUALITY GAME sprl.
Licensing Agent: How Rich Unlimited, LL

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