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How To Play -Railroad Rush Hour-Game Rules
Railroad Rush Hour is a wonderful family board game,
complete with beautiful train cars, a striped travel bag, and 50 original challenges -including 10 Junior challenges for younger players. 


Rules of the Rails
The object of Railroad Rush Hour is to move the RED ESCAPE LOCOMOTIVE to one of the exit gates by shifting the obstacle engines, cards and baggage platforms out of the way.

Your engine is the Speedy Red one, of course.

40 Puzzle Cards for ages 8 and up plus 10 Junior Cards designed for ages 6-8: Each card displays a set-up of engines, cars, and baggage platforms.  Complete solutions are on the back of each card.  Puzzle Challenge Cards escalate from Junior to Beginner, through Intermediate and Advanced, to Expert.

The Set-up:
Match the locations of the game pieces as indicated on the puzzle card.  There are two exit gates.  Move the Red Locomotive through the exit gate indicated on the puzzle card.

Railroad Rush Hour Game Pieces:
Game pieces can move forward and reverse.  THE EXCEPTIONS are the 2 large square baggage platforms, which can move both forward, reverse, and sideways.

Railroad Rush Hour Solutions:
Each Challenge Card displays a solution.


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