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A Game of Amazing Inventions!
The Invention Game™ is an outrageous new board game containing pictures of some
of the most wild, wacky, unusual, and outrageous gadgets and gizmos ever created!!!
To play, everyone writes down a description of what they think the invention does. Guess which
description is real and earn a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!!!




The Invention Game™ is a bluffing game for 3 or more players.  The game contains cards with pictures of real but strange-looking inventions.  Players write descriptions of what they think these inventions are.  At the end of each round one player reads off all the players' descriptions along with the real one.  Players try to guess which one is real in order to earn points.  The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!!!!

Getting Started

1)  Each player takes a pen or pencil and a blank Guessing Sheet.
2)  One player volunteers to become the card reader for this round and takes a Scoring Sheet and the Red Decoder.

Writing Bluffs

1)  The card reader takes the first Invention Card from the deck and places the Red Decoder over the red area at the bottom of the card to reveal the invention description.  The card reader copies down the invention description onto a blank Guessing Sheet.  The card reader should not reveal what was written.
2)  The card reader places the card in the center of the table.  The other players take a few minutes to look at it and write down what they think the invention is.  For example, if the card showed a hat-like contraption, a player might write down "Brain Massager" or "Underwater Breathing Apparatus for Horses" and so on.  Players should make each description at least a few words long, but not more than a sentence or two in length.
3)  When finished writing their descriptions, players write their names on their Guessing Sheets and hand them in to the card reader.
4)  The card reader should make sure that he/she can read the descriptions as they come in.  If one is not legible, he/she should hand it back to the player who wrote it so it can be rewritten more clearly.

Reading Bluffs

1)  The card reader shuffles all the players' descriptions together with the real description.
2)  The card reader reads the descriptions through twice.  The first reading is just to help people digest all the possible choices.  On the second reading the players vote on which description they think is the real one.  The card reader writes down the initials of the players who voted for each description in the corner of each Guessing Sheet.
3)  Players must vote in every round and may only vote for 1 description.
4)  Players MAY NOT vote for the description they wrote.
5)  The card reader does not vote.
6)  After all the votes are received, the card reader reveals which description is actually the REAL one.

TIP:  If the card reader receives a bluff that is nearly identical to the description, that's OK.  It should be read aloud with the rest of the description.


The card reader writes the scores on the Scoring Sheet as follows:
1)  Players get 1 point if they voted for the real description.
2)  Players get 1 point for every vote their own bluff received.
3)  Players get 1 point if the bluff they wrote was nearly exactly the same as the real description.
4)  The card reader gets 2 points if no one voted for the real description.

Continuing Play

Play continues in this manner with the person to the card reader's left now becoming the card reader for the next round.  This player takes the Scoring Sheet, the Red Decoder, and a new Invention Card and continues play as described above.

Winning the Game

Play 7 rounds.  At the end of 7 rounds, add up the points.  The player with the most points wins!!!

Three Player Variation

When playing with three people, have the card reader submit a bluff in addition to the real description.  This will give all the players more descriptions to choose from and make the game more fun.  To play this way, the card reader should write a bluff before looking at the real description.  The card reader ma not vote, but still can win points in all the other ways as described in the Scoring section.

About the Inventions

All inventions depicted in The Invention Game™ are REAL.  They are the actual images found in US and worldwide patent filings.  We've colorized the images to make them easier to see, but we haven't changed anything else.  The numbers that you see on the images are reference points the patent office requires to identify parts of the invention.

Some inventions may seem strange or implausible and you may wonder how in the world these objects received a patent.  It's easier than you think.  The patent office looks primarily at whether application is novel and not whether it's a good idea!



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