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How To Play - Tic Tac Chec Game - Game Rules
Master the basic elements of chess within 5 minutes, including moves and strategy,
without being intimidated. You will love these Logic games!
Why not play Tic Tac Chec wooden board game - Itís only logical!



Chess Piece Moves:

Pawn:   - Moves on space forward per turn except when it captures an opponent's piece by moving one space diagonally forward.

Knight: - Moves either one space forward or backward and two spaces either left or right or two spaces forward or backward and one space either left or right.  A knight is the only piece that can move over another piece on the board.

Bishop: - Moves diagonally any number of spaces as long as it does not pass another piece.

Rook:   - Moves vertically or horizontally as long as it does not pass another piece.


Be the first to align your four pieces of the same color horizontally, vertically or diagonally.  Play starts on an empty board, players take turns placing a piece on an empty square.  After placing your first three pieces you may move and capture as in regular chess, except a pawn reverses direction upon reaching the opposite side of the board.  Captured pieces are returned to their owner and can immediately be played again on any open square.



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