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How To Play Traverse Game - Game Rules 
This fun strategy board game is easy for two to four players of all ages
to quickly learn and enjoy, yet challenging enough for experienced players!
It combines the best features of chess and Chinese Checkers. Traverse

is recognized by experts for its superb play value.


Object of the Game:
The winner of Traverse is the first player to move all of his of her pieces from the starting row on one side of the board to the destination row on the opposite side. 
Beginning the Game: 
Players set up their pieces along one side of the board, not including the corners of the board. Diamonds and triangles must point forward.  Players arrange their pieces in any order within their starting row.  
Moving the Pieces: 
The playing pieces move in different directions depending on the shape of the piece. Squares can move only horizontally and vertically. Diamonds can move only diagonally. Triangles can move forward on the diagonals or straight backward. Circles can move in any direction. The movements of the four pieces are shown in the diagrams on the game board. Players take turns, moving only one piece each turn. Two pieces cannot occupy the same space. Skipping a turn is not allowed unless a player's piece becomes trapped and no other pieces can be moved. If this happens, the player passes up his or her turn until a legal move can be made.
Single Space Moves: 
In single space moves, pieces can be moved one space only, and only to an empty adjacent space. Remember each piece can move only in its legal directions. 
Series of Jumps: 
Players can string together a series of jumps if each individual jump in the series conforms to the rules governing single jumps. the second jump in a sequence of jumps must begin where the first one ended. No Single space moves can be inserted at any time during a series of jumps.   
Corners and Sides of the Board: 
Normally a piece cannot end a move or a jump within its starting row. The only exception is when that piece has not yet left the starting row (has not entered the area in the middle of the board). However, a piece can be temporarily moved onto any of the four sides, including its starting row, or into the corners as long as it is moved out again on the same turn. A piece can move into and out of its destination row or jump along its destination row. 
Ending the Game: 
The first player to move all of his or her pieces into the destination row (not including corner spaces) is the winner. Players cannot force a "draw".  If one player can indefinitely prevent the opponent's last piece from moving into the destination row by a repetitive blocking action, the game is declared over. The player who was blocked out is declared the winner. 


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