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How To Play - The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game - Game Rules
Have fun with your friends with this exciting party game
Worst-Case Scenario Survival

Based on the best-selling book series,
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival
game challenges
players to use their survival instincts and outlast their opponents.


How to Play-The Worst Case Scenario Survival Game-Game Rules

Object: To be the first team to reach the Finish.

Set Up:
1.  Each team selects a playing piece and places it at START on the game board.

2.  Place the card box bottom in the card box top so teams read the
How-To portion on the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Question Cards.

Question Cards:
  Each Worst-Case Scenario Survival Question Card has one question
and three possible answers on each side of the card.

2.  Correct answers are printed in bold.

Playing the Game:
  The youngest player's team goes first.  Roll the die but do not move the playing piece.

2.  The other team (Team 2) to the right of the youngest player's team (Team 1) picks a Worst-Case Scenario Survival Question Card from the
Car Box and read the question and the multiple choice answers to Team 1.

  • If Team 1 answers correctly, they move their playing piece ahead the number of footprints shown on the die.

  • If Team 1 does not answer correctly, they do not move there playing piece and Team 2 moves their playing piece ahead the number of footprints shown on the die.

3.  Play passes to the left.

(Note: Many Worst-Case Scenario Survival situations have more than one correct answer, but only one possible correct answer is presented on each card.)

Winning the Game

1.  The first team to reach Finish wins the game.

2.  Teams do not need an exact roll of the die to land on Finish.



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