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The storytelling game that's full of surprises as life itself. 
A fun game of telling tales & sharing smiles with family and friends.

by Talicor
Ages 6 +
For 2 to 8 players
Made in the U.S.A.

Life Stories Game

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Lifestories Game Description:

LifeStories® is a delightful game of storytelling - a fun and friendly journey based on each player's own life experiences.  You'll have a great time talking about people, events, thoughts, hopes & dreams.  The rules are simple and the questions are easy.  Every has their own stories to tell!  It's not based on skill or education!!

LifeStories® Goes Wherever Life Takes You.
Its the perfect game for holidays and family reunions because everyone can get involved, from great-grandparents to young children - reinforcing family ties and passing on family history.  LifeStories® allows old friends to make new discoveries about each other, enriching friendships.  And it makes a unique and intriguing way to get to know people at parties.  In fact, LifeStories® can be played almost anywhere people get together!

It's Definitely Not The Same Old Story.
LifeStories® is as fun the 50th time you play as it is the first, because the stories change every new game.  Each time you play LifeStories® you'll learn a little something about the other players - and maybe even something about yourself.

LifeStories® Always Has A Happy Ending.
Best of all, everyone wins.  Play continues until each person finishes the game.  As a player enters the winner's circle, everyone joins the Grand Celebration!

Share LifeStories® With Family & Friends.
Playing LifeStories® isn't the only way you can share smiles - it also makes a truly thoughtful and appreciated gift for practically any occasion.

Tell about an incident when you couldn't stop laughing.

Tell about the kids you grew up with . . . "your crowd."

If you had a month to do anything you wanted to, and cost wouldn't be a factor, what would you do?

Where would you live if you could live anywhere? Why?d

This Game Includes:

  • Game Board

  • Eight Game Markers

  • One Die

  • Four decks of LifeStories® question cards:
    Memories cards are about people and events from your past.
    Etching cards are about outside influences on your life.
    Valuables cards are about your thoughts, hopes and dreams.
    Alternatives cards, drawn at any time, give the players an optional and often amusing choice.

LifeStories encourages self-expression, affirmation, creative thinking, problem solving and team work!

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