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20th Anniversary Edition The game that challenges the way you think!


MindTrap 20th Anniversary Edition Game

Ages 12 - Adult
Players 2 +
Made in the U.S.A.


MindTrap Game

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Twenty years ago, the original MindTrap® game was released.  With its quirky questions and mind-numbing riddles, the game went on to become an instant bestseller, with over 3 million copies sold worldwide! 

The game that challenges the way you think!

Celebrate this classic game with the new "20th Anniversary Edition" full of quirky characters, baffling brainteasers, and convoluted logic! 

It's a great party game and a good way to exercise the brain! 

The game includes four different categories of questions:  Reebus Riddles, Classic Conundrums, Picture Puzzles, and of course, MindTrap Mysteries! 

Players flick the spinner to choose from which of the four categories they will answer a question.  The spinner also includes a "Your Choice" and "?", which allows the other player to choose a question for the player to answer.  The winner is the person to collect 10 cards by answering questions correctly! 

What is fragile that when you say its name you break it?


1 deck of Classic Conundrums (96 cards)
1 deck of MindTrap Mysteries (96 cards)
1 deck of Picture Puzzle (96 cards)
1 deck of Rebus riddles (96 cards)
1 giant spinner board and spinner
Instruction sheet


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