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Prepare yourself for the ultimate war of words!
SNATCH game takes just 30 seconds to learn,
but you'll play it for the rest of your life. It's the ultimate are of words!

SNATCH-it Word Game
Ages 8 +
For 2 or more players

Snatch Game

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Snatch Word Game Description:

Snatch-it Word Game:
Place the letter tiles face down in the play area.  Players take turns flipping over a tile until a word of 3 or more letters can be formed.  It need not be your turn -- as soon as you spot a word, call it out, take the letters, and place the word face up in front of you.  But beware -- the word you make may not be yours for long!  Words can be formed in two ways: by using 3 or more letters from the center OR by adding one or more letters to an existing word.  Players may SNATCH any by changing it with the addition of one or more letters.  So your CAT may become someone else's CART, which could then be snatched as TRACK seconds later.  You must use all the letters of the word you are snatching.  Continue until all 100 tiles have been flipped over and no more new words can be formed.


  • All words must have 3 or more letters

  • Letters must be added, not just rearranged

  • You may add letters to your own words

  • New words may be formed by combining existing words

  • You can't simply add an S or ED to an existing word, you must change the core meaning of the word

  • No names, slang, or abbreviations

The simple instructions are printed right on the handy plastic tube containing 100 colorful letter tiles, making this an ideal game for family fun anywhere, anytime.

Each 3-letter word is worth 1 point.  For each additional letter in the word, another point is scored.  E.g. TAN = 1 point,  THA-N = 2 points, CHA-NT = 3 points, SNA-TCH = 4 points and so on.

Award Winner:

2005 Top Creative Toy Seal of Excellence Award
2006 iParenting Media Award Winner
Top Creative Toy Seal of Excellence
Major FUN Award

1- 1/4" Plastic Tube Contains 100 Plastic Letter Tiles


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