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24 GAME Single and Double Digits Variables 96 Card Deck

24 GAME Single and Double Digits Variables 96 Card Deck

$ 20.95

by Suntex International, Inc.

Ages 9 +
Grades 6 and up
(Item #38978)
Made in the U.S.A.
Double-sided 4'' x 4'' cards

How To Play - Cards have two wheels; each has three numbers with
one number "missing."

Object: Find a variable number (any whole number from 1 to 9) which, when used with the other numbers on each wheel, can make 24 on both wheels.  You can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Use all four numbers on a wheel, but use each number only once.

Many Levels of Challenge: Place two Variables cards together for additional challenge. Find one variable number that can solve all four wheels. Use multiple cards for an even greater challenge. 
Educational Benefits:

- Proven popular with kids and adults.
- Builds strong mental-mathematics and problem-solving skills.
- Helps improve test scores.
- Sharpens concentration.
- Used in more than 100,00 classrooms.
What's in the Box?

96 Cards Deck
192 Combinations 

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