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Adding Fractions Workbook

Adding Fractions Workbook

$ 7.99

Adding Fractions Workbook for Kids
by Remedia Publications

Ages 8 - 11
Grades 3rd - 6th
Printed in the U.S.A.
CCSS Level 4th - 6th
Aligns with Common Core and State Standards CCSS

Hundreds of Sequential activities Featuring Computations & Word Problems

Tackling fractions! This 26-lesson learning unit is packed with hundreds of sequential fraction activities featuring both computation and word problems.

From “adding two fractions with common denominators” to “using candy recipes to add fractions,” the exercises in this book progress from learning basic fraction concepts to mastering an understanding of how to add fractions. A Post Test and Answer Key are included.

Starting off with basic concepts, it progressively gets more difficult.

Adding Fractions Workbook includes hundreds of computation and story problems with objectives along with a post test at the end of the book. Students practice changing mixed numbers to improper fractions, writing equivalent fractions in higher terms, adding two mixed numbers with unlike denominators without regrouping, solving story problems, addition of fractions, and more...

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