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Addition & Subtraction Quizmo Game

Addition & Subtraction Quizmo Game

$ 16.99

Addition and Subtraction Quizmo Game 

Ages 6 - 10 
Grades 1st - 5th 
Players 2 - 36 

Develop computational skills for addition and/or subtraction facts; Develop and promote cooperative learning. 

By playing Addition and Subtraction Quizmo children will Develop and strengthen memory skills of sums and or differences through 9 + 9 and or 18 - 9. 

No reading required. Addition and Subtraction Quizmo features 2 games in one! It is designed to reinforce and develop memory skills for basic addition and subtraction facts so necessary for success in elementary mathematics. The enjoyable bingo-style format can be played in either an individual, competitive manner or in cooperative teams competing against one another. 

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