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Addition & Subtraction Rap DVD Video

Addition & Subtraction Rap DVD Video

$ 15.95 $ 19.99

Addition and Subtraction Rap DVD Video 
by Rock N Learn 

Ages 6 +
Approx. 55 minutes
Made in the U.S.A.

Kids love this entertaining way of learning basic addition or subtraction facts by performing along with D.J. Doc Roc! Positive lyrics, super-cool rap music, and high-energy action make this educational DVD irresistible for mastering math facts. Sums up to 18 and differences from 18 are easy to learn and remember with these "add and subtract songs."

With Addition & Subtraction Rap DVD learners of all ages, even older students in remedial classes, will love the non-juvenile sound and colorful graphics. Positive lyrics encourages and motivate learners while holding their attention. Several of these math rap video songs feature delayed answers, allowing students to check their progress. Perfect for learning addition or subtraction facts at home or in the classroom.

Addition & Subtraction Rap DVD provides colorful visual imagery making it ideal for students who are primarily visual learners or who learn best by a multi-sensory approach. You will never know what excitement awaits… perhaps an encounter with the Lean, Mean Adding Machine or you may stumble upon the Great Big Blender. It's outrageous fun that gets students of all ages up to speed so that they can accurately perform addition and subtraction facts while having a great time.

Audio version includes new songs with mixed addition and subtraction facts!

Award Winners:

Parents' Choice Award
Dr. Toy Best Educational Products 2009

What's in the package?

Rock 'N Learn Addition & Subtraction Rap includes:

  • Rap A While (adding 0 and 1)
  • Sum Fun (addition facts with sums to 5, in order and mixed)
  • Get Bigger (addition facts with sums to 10, in order)
  • Great Big Blender (addition facts with sums to 10, in order & mixed)
  • Take It Away (subtracting 0 and 1)
  • Rap Subtracting (subtracting from numbers up to 5, in order and mixed)
  • Lighten Up (subtracting from numbers up to 10)
  • Subtraction Action (subtracting from numbers up to 10, mixed)
  • Plus Minus Rap (mixed +/- up to and from 10)
  • Push It on Up (addition facts with sums to 18, in order)
  • Lean, Mean Adding Machine (mixed addition facts)
  • Rap Star (more mixed addition facts)
  • What's the Difference? (subtracting from numbers 11 to 18, in order)
  • Rerun Rap (mixed subtraction facts)
  • Minus Drain (more mixed subtraction facts)
  • All Together Now (mixed +/- facts up to and from 18)

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