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Anagramania Game Original Edition Game

Anagramania Game

$ 19.95

Anagramania Game, Original Edition Game

Ages 13 - Adult  
Players 2 - 6  
Playing Time: 45 Minutes 

Anagram Word Game 

Anagramania is an exciting new word game in which 2-6 players compete to solve intriguing anagram clues in a race against each other and against the clock. Unlike most board games in which each player has to await his or her turn, Anagramania is one of the few word games that involves every player in each round - so nobody has time to get bored!

Not familiar with what an anagram is?
The dictionary definition is Anagram:  A word or phrase formed by re-arranging the letters of another word or phrase. Here are a couple of simple examples. The word 'cape' is an anagram of the word 'pace'. The words 'peat' and 'tape' are both anagrams of the phrase ' pet'.

 Anagram games are not new, but they are traditionally games for solo players. That's why Karmel Games is proud to introduce the first anagram board game that is also a multiplayer game. So if you're looking for a new and exciting board game, our suggestion is that you try Anagramania. Unlike typical anagram word puzzles, the clues in Anagramania are not just the word or words from which the answer is derived. Instead, the anagram clues provide a hint or definition of the correct solution! See the example at the foot of this page.
 For each game, every player has a throw away clue sheet containing twenty clues, like the example shown at left (the actual size of these sheets is 11 x 4 inches. There are 24 sets of six clue sheets in each game pack. That's enough for six players to play 24 separate games.
 During gameplay, players conceal their clue sheets in special 'pockets' that allow them to see only one new clue at a time. In most board games, players have to await their turn, which can be quite irritating if each player requires several minutes for his or her turn. That's not the case in this multiplayer game. In each turn, all players compete simultaneously to solve the same clue. No time limit is set at the start of the turn, but once any one player claims to have the answer and has written it down, other players have just one minute more to complete their efforts to find the answer timed by a sand timer.
 By solving clues, players move pawns on a 14 x 14 inches play board see picture at right. A correct answer earns forward progress - two squares for the first person who answered, one square for others. For a wrong answer, the player moves his/her pawn back a square; and for no answer, the pawn is left in its current position. For added excitement, the winner of the round may choose to penalize another player by moving that player's pawn back a square, while only moving his/her pawn forward one square instead of two.
 The winner of this entertaining anagram board game is the first player to reach the center circle on the board, with a typical game lasting about 45 minutes. 

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