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AngLegs Smart Pack -

AngLegs® Smart Pack

$ 9.95

AngLegs Smart Pack 

Ages 5+ 
Grades Kindergarten + 
AngLegs Smart Pack aligns with Common Core and State Standards 

Geometry is a snap with AngLegs! Create, compare, and compose shapes with pieces that snap together, and use them with the protractor for fun with angles. Perform the following activities and become a polygon pro! 

Perfect for small group or individual classroom instruction, this Smart Pack supports Standards for Mathematical Practice according to CCSS. 

Common Core Alignment Below is a sampling of activities that can be done with this product. To find out how this product specifically meets CCSS. Identifying and Creating Shapes Describe simple shapes, such as rectangles and triangles, and talk about real-world objects that have those same shapes. Show several examples of these shapes, explaining that regardless of size, color, or orientation, a triangle is still a triangle. Then, demonstrate how to snap the AngLeg pieces together to create shapes. Let children try their hand at creating the shapes you described, progressing to more complex shapes when ready. Comparing Shapes After children build several shapes, compare them by attribute such as number of sides and vertices (or corners), lengths of sides, and so on. Discuss defining attributes (e.g., number of sides) and non-defining attributes, such as color, orientation, and size. 

Composing and Combining Shapes Combine simple shapes to form larger shapes. For example, try putting two triangles together to make a square or a rhombus, or join two triangles to make a rectangle. Use your imagination–and trial and error–to try out all sorts of combinations! Using the Protractor Snap shapes onto the translucent protractor to begin measuring angles and to learn the properties of polygons. Compare an angle’s acute measurement to 90 degrees, and define (greater than 90°) obtuse (less than 90°) and angles. After children have measured several angles, have them build a shape, record all of its angle measurements on paper, and add them up. Do this for several shapes. Children will discover that the sum of any quadrilateral’s angles is 360 degrees, and the sum of any triangle’s angles is 180 degrees. 

What's in the Package? 

Set of 49 (48 snap-together pieces, in 6 different lengths, and protractor) comes in a resealable polybag and includes an Activity Guide. 

Bag measures 6W x 6H inches 

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