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Angleside School Adventure Game

Angleside School Adventure Game

$ 24.95

Angleside School Adventure Game
by Learning Resources

Ages 9+
Grades 4th+ 
Players 2 - 4
Angleside School Adventure Game an Angle Measuring Game! Learn all the right angles!

Approach math practice from a new angle! Kids explore geometry and measurement as they move around the school using a built-in compass. Game cards direct players to measure, compare and categorize angles. How to Play: Roll the die to move, Draw a card if you land on a question space, Use the built-in compass to find the answer, First one to the bus stop wins!

Learn to play all the right angles!

Earn your degree by making your way through a day at school. Measure angles between classrooms and other players using the compass on the game board. The first player to reach "bus drop off" wins.

What's in the Box?

Angleside School Adventure Game Board with Compass, 60 Angle Cards, 4 Game Pawns, Die, and Instruction Guide

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