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Attribute Apples -

Attribute Apples

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Attribute Apples 
by Learning Resources
Ages 3 - 8
Grades Pre-Kindergarten
Largest apple measures 1.75“ in diameter

Sort and classify apples by 5 attributes, including size, color and physical features (stem, leaf, worm) 

Attribute Applesencourages and develops sorting skills, pattern relationships, and recognition of similarities and differences. This 27-piece set includes apples in three sizes with attributes such as color (red, green, yellow), and a variety of physical characteristics such as stems, leaves, and worms.

Compare apples to apples with this unique set! 

Includes 27 apples and Activity Guide featuring suggested uses of Venn diagrams for higher-order thinking skills

Apple Activities 

Color Sorting: 
Sort the apples into groups by color. How many are in each group? (Each group contains nine apples: three of each physical characteristic and size.) Sort the color groups into smaller groups based on size, or the physical characteristics of stem, leaf, and worm. Make comparisons between the new groups.

Size and Attribute Sorting: 
Sort the apples by size or physical characteristic.  

Divide and Compare: 
Sort the small, medium, and large apples into three separate groups. How many apples are there in each group? How many different groups can you separate the apples into? Are there any relationships between groups?

(Each group contains three apples with stems.) Continue exploring to find more relationships between the groups.

What’s Missing?

— Create apple patterns with missing parts of the sequence. Try to complete the pattern and fill in the missing pieces. There are many possibilities; experiment with color, size, and physical attributes.

Create a Pattern:

— Create patterns of size, color, and physical characteristics.  

Pick an Apple: 

— Select an apple at random. Then, describe it in terms of three attributes (e.g., the apple is small, yellow, and has a worm). Perform this activity with apples of many different attributes.

Same and Different:

— Set out three apples that have a common attribute and one that has a different attribute. Ask students to find the apple that has a different attribute than the others.

Attribute Chain:

— Create a chain of apples, changing one attribute at a time. For example, if the first apple is small, green, and has a worm, the second could be medium, green, with a worm, and so on. Continue building the chain as far as it will go.

Counting with Attributes:

— Say a number such as “four” and an attribute such as “leaf.” Ask students if they can find four apples with leaves. Encourage students to compare the similarities and the differences between the apples they selected. Repeat this activity with different numbers and attributes. 

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