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Attribute Block Set: Desk Set in Plastic Storage Tray

Attribute Block Set: Desk Set in Plastic Storage Tray

$ 19.99

Attribute Block Set Desk Set in Plastic Storage Tray
by Learning Resources

Ages 5+
Grades Kindergarten +
Aligns with Common Core and State Standards
60 Piece Attribute Block Set 

Teach shapes, sorting, patterns, size and counting with these durable plastic blocks. Sixty-piece set includes five shapes, two sizes, two thicknesses and three colors.

This set comes in a convenient storage tray with shape sorter that can be used for tracing.

Attribute Block Set is designed to encourage and develop skills of sorting, relationships of patterns, similarities and differences. This 60-piece set includes five basic shapes with a variety of different attributes. The attributes include shape (triangle, square, rectangle, circle and hexagon), color (red, blue and yellow), size (large and small), thickness (thick and thin).

The following are some suggested activities:

Exploring Color Relationships
• Separate the blocks into groups by color. What is true for all three groups? (E.g., Each group contains 20 blocks; each group contains 2 large and 2 small triangles)
• Separate the color groups into smaller groups based on shape. Make comparisons between the new groups. (E.g., Each group contains four shapes of the same color; each group contains 2 small and 2 large shapes.) Comparing Size Relationships
• Sort the large and small shapes into two separate groups. How many blocks are there in each group? How many different groups can you separate the blocks into? Are there any relationships between groups? (E.g., Each group contains six circles.) Continue exploring to find more relationships between the groups.
• Create patterns with the blocks with pieces missing. Try to complete the pattern and fill in the missing pieces. There Attribute Block Sets Attribute Block Sets are many possibilities; experiment with color, size, and shape patterns. 

Examining theThickness Attribute

• Sort the shapes by thickness into two groups. Keep the thick and thin blocks in separate groups. Is there a way to separate the blocks into smaller groups? 

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