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Base Ten Blocks Smart Pack

Base Ten Blocks Smart Pack

$ 7.99

Base Ten Blocks Smart Pack

Ages 6+
Grades 1st+
Aligns with Common Core and Standards for Mathematics Practice according to CCSS. 

Base Ten Basics , and the 10 , rods 1 Explain that units represent . Children can count the individual units 100 flat to see for themselves. Show them that each unit is ten times greater than the next smaller unit. Demonstrate this by lining up 10 units next to 1 rod, and 10 rods next to one flat. Allow children time to explore equivalencies among the pieces, and share their findings.

Writing Numerals Put any number of units, flats, and rods on the table with a sum up to 120. Have children use any counting strategy (by ones, by tens, etc.) to count up the value of the blocks on the table. Then, have them create a drawing representing the blocks they counted, and write the number that represents the value of the blocks altogether.

Introducing Place Value Set out 10 units and 1 rod. Explain that the is the same as 10 ones. Encourage 10 number children to see for themselves by touching and counting up each of the rod’s 10 units. Progress , placing out a rod and unit(s) 11–19 to numbers to show each number. Displaying the blocks in this way encourages children to think of two-digit numbers as amounts of tens and ones. Next, have them use rods of “tens” to count up to 120…and beyond!

Beginning Addition & Subtraction Use the blocks to add together two- and one-digit numbers within 100 (43 + 4, 68 + 5), or add two-digit numbers with a multiple of ten (58 + 20). Call out addition problems and have children model and add the numbers together using the blocks. Show them that when adding two-digit numbers, they should add tens and tens and ones and ones. Also explain that sometimes it is necessary to compose a ten when there are 10 or more ones altogether. 

What's in the Package?

Base Ten Blocks Smart Pack Set of 121 (1 flat, 20 rods, and 100 units) comes in a resealable poly bag and includes an Activity Guide.

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