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Build-A-Sentence Game

Build-A-Sentence Game

$ 13.95 $ 15.99

Build-A-Sentence Game

Ages 6+
Grades 1st+
Players 2 - 4
Aligns with Common Core and State Standards 

Build-A-Sentence Game improve sentence structure, reading skills, and the ability to comprehend phrases.

Recognize the difference between phrases and sentences. Recognize the subject-predicate relationship in sentences. Use subjects and verbs that are in agreement. Use complete and varied sentences with adjectives, prepositional phrases, etc.

Spin the spinner and create sentences by piecing together the colored word or phrase cards you collect. Sensationally simple but immensely engaging, this game is a winner. Earn five points for every correct sentence you construct! Level One includes 40 each of the Who, What, and Where cards. Level Two adds 20 When cards.

What's in the Box?

140-word cards and game board with a spinner.

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