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Classroom Money Kit -

Classroom Money Kit

$ 48.95

Play Money Kit, Set of 1,00 Coins and Bills 

Ages 5+ 
Grades Kindergarten +  
Play Money Kit with 1,000 Coins & Dollar Bills 

Teach everything from coin identification to making change! 

Educational Benefits: 
Learn the names of coins. Discriminate between coins visually and tactically. Learn the value of coins. Learn the value of sets of coins. Create different combinations of coins with equivalent numerical amounts. Determine the kind and number of coins for a given value. Make change. Add and subtract money. 

Large sorting tray keeps bills and coins organized. Includes transparent cover for easy storage. 

Kit includes 500 plastic coins, 500 play money bills, and a money tray measuring 11 x 19.75 inches.

(100 Pennies, 100 Nickels, 100 Dimes, 100 Quarters, 50 Half-Dollars, 50 Dollar Coins, 100 Ones, 100 Fives, 100 Tens, 100 twenties, 50 Fifties, 50 Hundreds, and Plastic Money Tray 

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