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Conceptual Bingo Fractions Game -

Conceptual Bingo Fractions Game

$ 19.95

Conceptual Bingo Fractions Game
by Conceptual Math Media Inc. 

Ages 9 + 
Grades 4th+ 

Players 2 to 36 or Teams 

Six questions on each calling card cover naming fractions, counting by fractions, adding and subtracting with like denominators, simplifying fractions, mixed number and improper fraction conversion, rate, ratio, multiplication, division, adding with unlike denominators, averaging, and language. The playing cards contain selected fractions from 0 to 200. 

Educational Benefits: 

  • Naming fractions 
  • Counting, simple adding and subtraction 
  • Simplifying fractions 
  • Setting up fractions, fraction bar as division and language 
  • Multiplying, dividing, missing number in a multiplication statement and language 
  • Adding & subtracting including unlike denominators, missing number in an addition statement & averaging 

What's in the Box? 

36 Unique Bingo Playing Cards, 56 Bingo Calling Cards, 360 Plastic Markers 

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