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Consequences Game

Consequences Game

$ 24.95


Ages 3 +
Grades Preschool, Kindergarten
Players 2 to 4
Made in the U.S.A.

The Ultimate Behavior Game!

The game of Consequences is a fun way to introduce or reinforce the idea that is a consequence for all actions and behavior. Each card has an everyday task or behavior that results in a forward or backwards move. Roll the dice to see how many stones you may travel. Follow the colorful stone path to the park, take a ride on the slide, go for ice cream and end at Waterland! But watch out for the quiet time room!

The concept was born when we were looking for a very cool, mainstream game that would also have merit. With time being a premium for our family, we want to make the most of every moment with our children.

What's in the Box? 

Consequences Game Board, 4 Pawns, 1 Die, 34 Consequences Cards, 6 Blank Cards to Make Your Own

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