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Professor Noggins Countries of the World Game -

Countries of the World Professor Noggin's Card Game

$ 9.95

Professor Noggin's Countries of the World Game 
by Outset Media 

Ages 7 + 
Grades 2nd+ 
Players 2 - 8 

Become an expert in geography by learning about many of the world's most interesting countries. 

A favorite of teachers, this game includes 30 sturdy cards with trivia, true/false and multiple-choice questions that include straight-from-curriculum facts to build confidence and retention, plus add great details that you might not find in your textbooks. Example topic cards include landmarks, famous native citizens and top industries of countries from around the globe. 

Award Winner: 

Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice Award 
Parents' Choice Approved Award 

How to Play: 

Players take turns rolling the die and asking each other questions from the cards. If a question is answered correctly, the card is won; if answered incorrectly, the card is returned to the bottom of the pile. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner! 

Players have a few chances throughout the game to get a Noggin's Choice card. This means they can choose a card from any other player, and get ahead! 

Remember the correct answers! If a question is not answered correctly the first time, that question will come up again. 

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