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Earth Science Game Science Lab, Grades 2–3 -

Earth Science Game Science Lab, Grades 2–3

$ 21.95

Earth Science Game Science Lab, Grades 2 - 3 

Ages 7 - 8 
Grades 2 – 3 
Players 2 - 4 
Aligns With Common Core and State Standards 

Dig into earth science! Players answer questions as they visit the Space Lab, Weather Lab, Earth Lab, and Mystery Lab. The first player to make a discovery in each lab wins! 

Bring fun and excitement into our science classroom! 

  • Our fun games help students succeed at NCLB-mandated science testing! 
  • Questions include grade-level, standards-based topics 
  • Topics include space, Earth and weather 

What's in the Box? 

Earth Science Game Board, 4 Pawns, die, 192 Cards, Directions and Answer Key 

Rules of the Game 

1. Each player selects a pawn and places it in the center of the board. Separate the cards into the four labs, shuffle them, and place them on their corresponding spaces on the board. 

2. Players take turns rolling the die. The player with the highest number goes first. The player to the left of that person will check the Answer Key. Play continues to the left and the Answer Key passes to the player on the left with each turn. 

3. The first player rolls and moves the number of spaces shown on the die. Players may move either way on the board, but only one way per roll (e.g., if a 3 is rolled, the player cannot move 2 spaces forward and 1 back). If a player lands on a Lab Entrance space, the player enters the lab and picks a card from that lab. The player reads the card aloud and tells the player with the Answer Key his or her answer. 

If the player is correct, he or she keeps the card and remains in the lab until his or her next turn. On the next turn, the player rolls the die to leave the lab through the exit. 

• If the player is incorrect, he or she places the card in a designated discard pile off to the side of the play area. Play passes to the left. On the next turn, the player may attempt to answer another lab card, or roll the die to exit the lab. 

• If the player picks a Science Experiment card, he or she follows the directions on the card. Science Experiment cards do not count as lab cards. If the Science Experiment card gives a player a card he or she already has, the extra card is simply discarded. Play passes to the left. 

If a player lands on an entrance to a lab in which he or she has already earned a card, the player has the option to enter the lab and leave through the exit on his or her next turn. 

4. When a player has collected a card from each lab, he or she must answer a final question from any lab chosen by the other players. If the player answers correctly, he or she wins. If the player answers incorrectly, play passes to the left, and another final card is chosen for the player on his or her next turn.  

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