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Family Scavenger Hunt Card Game -

Family Scavenger Hunt Card Game

$ 8.95

Family Scavenger Hunt Card Game 

Ages 6 + 
Grades 1st 
Players 2 
Made in the U.S.A. 

Take Family Scavenger Hunt card game on the road! Kids battle adults in a frantic race to collect the most objects! 

This fun family card game is great for taking on picnics, camping, or to grandma's house! With lots of indoor and outdoor objects to hunt for, your whole family is sure to be entertained, rain or shine! 

The fun of Scavenge Hunt in a single easy to carry deck! 

Family Scavenger Hunt Card Game Instructions: 

Before you begin: 
Decide whether you are playing individually or in teams. If playing in teams, make sure all the adults are on one team and all the kids are on the other team. The cards are double-sided, the blue side is Indoors, the green side is Outdoors, decide which side you are playing. 

How to Play: 
Shuffle the cards. Each team is dealt 10 cards. Kids must find 6 out of 10 items on their cards. Adults must find 8 out of 10. Try to find the items on your cards as quickly as possible. The first player or team to find the required number of items wins. Use common sense, if an item is impossible to find in your area, simply replace it with a new card. 

Some items cannot be physically collected. These are indicated by the camera icon. In these cases teams take a picture to prove they found the item. Don’t collect living things and don’t “borrow” other peoples’ belongings. 

Alternate Game Play: 
To turn Scavenger Hunt into more of a race, draw 10 cards and place them where all players can see them. Yell “GO” and each player races to be the first to find the items on the cards. The first team to find all the items wins. Once again, use common  sense, if an item is impossible to find in your area, simply replace it with a new card. 

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