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Hidden Hints Mystery Word Game

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Hidden Hints Mystery Word Game

$ 21.95

Hidden Hints™ Mystery Word Game 
by Learning Resources

Ages 7+ 
Grades 2nd+ 
Players 2 - 4 
A Reading Comprehension Context Clues Game!

Wrangle your way through word-sleuthing adventures to earn a shot at solving a mystery. Challenges kids to figure out what words mean by clues in the text around them Broadens vocabulary through engaging, mystery-themed game play

Award Winner:

American Graphic Design Awards American Package Design Awards


Answer context clue questions and be the first detective to solve the mystery on the card.


• Take the briefcase and put it in the center of the play area.

• Place the stack of question cards next to the briefcase.

Without looking, each player chooses a type of game piece (magnifying glass, flashlight, footprint, fingerprint) and places all four pieces in the center.

Without looking, each player chooses a “Hidden Hint” card from the stack of hint cards in the box.

Place the cards in a compartment of the briefcase. Then, put one of your game pieces on top of your hint card. Close the briefcase.

How to Play the Game

• The youngest player goes first.

• Take a question card and read it aloud. Say the answer and check it with the answer key found on the back of this guide. If the card doesn’t contain a question, follow the direction on the card.

• If you answered correctly, take one of your game pieces and place it in front of you. Return the card to the bottom of the pile. It is now the next player’s turn.

• If you answered incorrectly, your turn is over.

• Play continues until a player collects all three game pieces.

When a player has collected three game pieces, he may trade them in for a hint. (The three game pieces will be collected again to receive another hint.)

• Place the three game pieces back in the center.

Ask the player to your right to open the briefcase and read aloud the first hint from your card.

• Once a hint is given, a player can make one guess. If the guess is correct, the game is over and that detective wins. If the guess is incorrect, return the hint card to the briefcase, and play continues.

• When a player collects three game pieces again, he may trade these pieces in for a second hint.

Play continues like so until a detective solves the mystery on the hint card.

How to Win

The detective who solves the mystery first wins.

Alternate Play

• For a shorter game, skip the second hint and only read the first and third hint.

What's in the Box?

  • 43 Double-sided context clue question cards
  • 7 Double-sided game play cards (take an extra piece, lose a turn, etc.)
  • 40 Self-checking hint cards
  • 16 Game pieces
  • Activity Guide with answer key
  • Durable cardboard briefcase with handle and latch

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