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Made for Trade Game -

Made for Trade Game

$ 24.95

Made for Trade Game 

Ages 8 + 
Grades 3rd + 
Players 2 to 6 
Made in the U.S.A. 

A Game of Early American Life! 

Learn about lifestyles and daily hardships from history. Made For Trade™ offers a fun way to personalize history by putting children in the shoes of a colonist. Players get to experience a time and place that's all-American, the beginning of our country's very existence, and yet surprisingly different from the lives we have today. The game also offers a first-hand try at living in a barter community. Unlike today, money is scarce and so players must trade home-made goods for necessities. Whether you are Christian Fairhill, Eliza Oglethorpe, or any of the other colonists, you get the chance to journey through the colonial town on the game board and live the early American life. Perhaps you are an indentured servant trying to buy your freedom or the customs official who can collect taxes. You can visit shops, trade on Market Day, or catch the latest news at the Tavern. 

This exciting game includes four different games to play: 

SHILLINGS: Shillings is a simple card game that plays like "Spoons." Players collect cards of objects that belong in the same shop. Ages 8 + 

TOURIST: Get a glimpse of colonial life as you make your way around the early American town trying to be the first person to collect four objects and four shillings. Ages 8 + 

TRADER: Start the game as an indentured servant and buy or trade your freedom and wealth. Ages 10 +

SHOPPER: Make your own inventory list of objects to buy and trade at the stores. The first towns person to collect all the objects wins! Ages 12 +

What's in the Box?

1 Made for Trade Game Board, 60 Shilling, 2 Dice, 48 Object Cards, 8 Character Playing Pieces, 30 Historical Event 1 Cards (Easy), 30 Historical Event 11 Cards (More Difficult), Instruction 

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