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Magnetic Pattern Block Activity Set

Magnetic Pattern Block Activity Set

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Magnetic Pattern Block Activity Set 
by Learning Resources 

Ages 6+
Grades 1st+ 
Common Core State Standards Alignment: Measurement & Data, Geometry 
Magnetic Pattern Block Activity Set, Creativity is the key to discovery! 

Magnets keep pattern block designs in place – a convenient update to a favorite manipulative set. Teaches spatial reasoning, 2-D shapes, visualization, symmetry, slides, turns and problems solving. 

Explore ideas of symmetry, patterns, and spatial reasoning with magnetic pattern blocks. Simple and challenging designs reinforce how shapes work together to make new patterns. 

Learning Styles: Visual, Tactile Skill Development: Math –Develops an understanding for spatial relationships including symmetry and spatial orientation by flipping and turning the blocks to reproduce the pattern. 

Math –Following the pattern on a card and choosing the blocks that match the picture, develops problem solving skills and helps students gain an understanding for early part-whole concepts.  Fine Motor – Creating designs or following a pattern on one of the cards helps students’ hands and eyes get a workout. As students make selections and move the blocks in place, they are working on motor planning, eye-hand coordination, and refining the manual skills needed for writing, drawing and daily living. 

What's in the Box? 

10 double sided, write and wipe magnetic cards, 98 soft foam blocks, Answer key  Boards measure 7.5 L x 6 H inches 

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