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math-fact-oh! Fractions Game

math-fact-oh! Fractions Game

$ 19.95

math-fact-oh! Fractions Game

Ages 8+
Grades 3rd+
Players 2 - 5

math-fact-oh! Fractions Game a great alternative to flash cards, math-fact-oh! builds and reinforces basic math skills while improving memory and concentration! For every solution card there are three corresponding problem cards that compose a triangle called a 'math-fact-oh!' Players compete to be the first to create the math-fact-oh! sets by locating the problem cards that match their solution cards.

Educational Aim:

math-fact-oh!™ is a fun motivational activity for improving memory and concentration while practicing basic math facts. Opportunities for explaining and questioning solutions are an integral part of game play. Additionally, Math-FACT-oh! includes combining shapes to compose new shapes, developing geometry skills.

Includes three levels of playing cards. 'Game Changer' cards keep all players engaged until the very end. Numerous suggestions are included for modifying or extending game play. Game materials can be used for individual, small group, and/or Center activities. Triangular cards can be combined to build several other shapes including a parallelogram, rhombus, hexagon, trapezoid, or a larger triangle.

What's in the Box?

8 solution cards, 72 problem cards (24 per level), 9 game changer cards (3 per level), 3 cover cards (1 per level), instructions

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