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math-fact-oh!™ Multiplication & Division

math-fact-oh!™ Multiplication & Division

$ 19.99

math-fact-oh Multiplication and Division

Ages 8+
Grades 3rd+
Players 2 - 5
math-fact-oh Multiplication and Division

math-fact-oh!™ is a fun motivational activity for improving memory and concentration while practicing basic math facts.

Opportunities for explaining and questioning solutions are an integral part of gameplay. Additionally, math-fact-oh!™ includes combining shapes to compose new shapes, developing geometry skills. 

A great alternative to flash cards, math-fact-oh!™ builds and reinforces basic math skills while improving memory and concentration! For every solution card, there are three corresponding equation cards that compose a triangle called a 'math-fact-oh!™' Players compete to be the first to create the math-fact-oh!™ sets by locating the multiplication and division problem cards that match their solution cards.

What's in the Box?

8 solution cards, 72 problem cards (24 per level), 9 game changer cards (3 per level), 3 cover cards (1 per level), instructions

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