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Math Splat Game, Subtraction Game

Math Splat Game, Subtraction Game

$ 12.95

Math Splat Game, Subtraction Game 
By Edupress 

Ages 8 + 
Grades 3rd+ 
Players 2 - 6 
Aligns with Common Core and State Standards 
Set of 225 3-1/2 x 2-1/4" cards 

Our popular Splat game format offers a fun way to practice subtraction math facts! 

  • As the caller reads each answer aloud, players scan the cards in front of them to see if they have a matching equation 
  • If a player has a matching equation, he or she says “SPLAT!” and flips the card over 
  • The first player to flip over all of his or her cards wins 
  • Color-coded decks make it easy to adapt the game for one-on-one practice or multiple players 

Subtraction Splat! The game that makes subtraction facts splat-tabulous! 

Provides Practice for Subtraction Facts from 0 - 0 to 24 - 12  

Object of Game:
To be the first player to flip over all of his or her Subtraction Splat cards by matching the answers called.

Before You Play:  
The cards are divided into four color-coded decks, which include 43 subtraction problem cards and 13 calling cards each. (One deck has 44 problem cards). For optimal play, use one colored deck per four students. You may wish to combine two colored decks if you are playing with more students. Shuffle the cards you have chosen to play with, and then shuffle the coordinating calling cards. After playing with one colored deck of cards, continue playing with the next colored deck. 

Directions (3–6 players) 

1. Deal six cards to each student. Instruct students to place cards in a grid with the subtraction problems face up in front of them on the desk or table. 

2. Using the calling cards, read each answer out loud one at a time, allowing enough time for students to look over their cards. 

3. If the student has a card with a matching problem, he or she says "Splat!" and flips that card over. If the student has more than one card in front of him or her with a matching problem, he or she flips over both cards. 

4. When a student has flipped over all of his or her cards, the student says "Super Splat!" 

5. Have the student read the subtraction problems on his or her cards back to you. If the problems match the answers that were called, the player wins the round! 

Alternate Play

Create a memory game with the cards by removing pairs of problems with the same answer from the decks, mixing them up, and placing them face down on a table in a grid. 

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