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Mind's I Junior Powerpak Card Game -

Mind's I Junior Powerpak Card Game

$ 6.95

Mind's I Junior Powerpak Card Game 
by Mind's i 

Ages 8 to 14 
1 to 4 Players 
Teams of two or more  

Mind's i JUNIOR POWERPACK is the fun new game with 200 questions on 50 game cards! The POWERPACK can be played anywhere, at any time, with no cumbersome game boards, tokens, dice or long, hard to follow instructions.
Game Play 
There are four different ways to win the game: straight win (collect 1 card from each category), flush win (collect 6 cards from the same category), mixed win (collect 6 cards from any category) or default win (collect the most cards after all 50 cards have been played). Decide on the type of win you're playing and begin answering questions.
The game provides children with endless hours of fun, enjoyment and intellectual stimulation with 200 mind enriching questions in six exciting categories. 

Word Play
Engage the left side of your brain by challenging your thinking in vocabulary, word meaning, definitions and unusual spelling.
Shape Shifter
Can you really tell the difference? Look-alike stimulate the right side of your brain as you look for the various attributes of figures and shapes that slide, flip and turn.
Learn by Heart
How sharp is your memory? This category challenges your ability to recall and recognize the sequence and order of words, phrases and sentences.
Pattern Play
Have fun using the left and right sides of your brain simultaneously as you work with numerical patterns, sequences and geometric shapes.
Amuse and entertain your opponents! Use your creative instincts to hum, whistle, sing, gesture, act or even dance to win the card.
Eye Spy
Sharpen your wit! This left-brained category summons your mental flexibility with word analogies, comparisons and similarities.

What's in the Box? 

200 Mind's i Questions, 50 Mind's i Game Cards, and 1 Mind's i Rules Card 

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