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MindTrap Brain Cramp Card Game

MindTrap® Brain Cramp Card Game

$ 8.95

MindTrap Brain Cramp Card Game 

Ages 10 - Adult 
Players 1 or more... 

MindTrap Brain Cramp is a brain camp! Why is everything obvious after you know the answer? This game of baffling riddles will have you training your brain to beat out the smartest of your friends as you take the title of Brain Cramp Champ! 

Try Mindtrap Riddles, Brainteasers, and Logic Problems! 

How to Play: 
1. Shuffle the deck and place all the cards in a pile, question-side up. 

2. Player 1 takes the top card (without letting anyone see the answer side) and asks the player on his/her left the question (Player 2). If the question is answered correctly, Player 2 wins the card. If not, Player 1 reads the answer aloud and puts the card into a discard pile. 

3. Player 2 now takes the top card from the pile and asks the next player a question. 

4. Play continues in a clockwise direction until all cards have been asked. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner. 

Optional Short Play:  
Rather than playing all 54 cards, decide before beginning how many rounds you want to play. 

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