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Money and Making Change DVD Video

Money & Making Change DVD Video

$ 15.95 $ 19.99

Money and Making Change DVD Video Rock n Learn 

Ages 6 + 
Grades 1st+ 
Approx. 57 minutes 
Made in the U.S.A. 
Rock out with Penny and Bill as you learn about MONEY! 

Penny and Bill know how to shake things up when it comes to counting money and making change. Cool songs and games provide plenty of practice with real-world skills. Learn about coins and how they relate to one another, strategies for counting cash, "skip counting," expressing money in written terms, how to make change, and more... You’ll have lots of fun as you gain valuable skills you can bank on. 

  • Meet Penny and Bill 
  • The Coin Song 
  • Counting Pennies 
  • Counting Nickels 
  • Counting Dimes 
  • Counting Quarters 
  • Counting Half Dollars 
  • Dollars & Other Bills 
  • Writing Money 
  • Equivalent Forms of Money 
  • Counting Money 
  • Counting Practice 
  • Count the Coins Game 
  • Do I Have Enough Money? Game 
  • Making Change 
  • Penny and Bill Live in Concert 

Penny and Bill have a problem. With their big concert to play, they must repair a broken speaker. Fortunately, Penny has been saving money in her piggy bank. But just how much does she have? 

Penny and Bill learn how to recognize coins, a little about the history of money, why coins and bills are starting to look different, and much more. They learn strategies for sorting coins and cash and use "skip counting" to find out exactly how much money they have. 

After lots of counting money, Penny and Bill learn how to make change by pretending to buy funny items at a garage sale. You'll have time to practice counting money and making change right along with them before you hear the answers. Finally, at the big concert that evening, guess who's invited to join Penny, Bill on the front row? 

Award Winner: 

National Parenting Publications Honor 
Teachers' Choice Award 
Dr. Toy 10 Best Video Products 
iParenting Media Award 
Coalition for Quality Children's Media Kids First! 
Creative Child Magazine's Preferred Choice Award 

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