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Multiplication & Division Quizmo Game


Multiplication & Division Quizmo Game

$ 16.95

Multiplication and Division Quizmo Game

Ages 8 +
Grades 3rd +
Players 2 - 36
Multiplication and Division Quizmo Game

By playing Multiplication and Division Quizmo children will: 1. Develop and strengthen memory skills of products and/or quotients through 9 x 9 and /or 81 ÷ 9. 2.

Develop computational skills for multiplication and/or division facts. 3. Develop and promote cooperative learning.

No reading required. Multiplication and Division Quizmo, two game in one, is designed to reinforce and develop memory skills for basic multiplication and division facts so necessary for success in elementary mathematics. The enjoyable game experiences can be played in either an individual, competitive manner or in cooperative teams completing against one another.

What'sin the Box?

40 double-sided game boards, 100 color-coded calling cards (multiplication problems on one side and division on the reverse), plastic markers, and instructional guide.

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