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Numeracy Building Fraction Fluency Game

Numeracy Building Fraction Fluency Game

$ 21.95

Numeracy Building Fraction Fluency Game 

Ages 8+ 
Grades 3rd+ 
Players 1 - 4 or groups 
Supports NCTM Standards 

Strengthen fraction skills with this versatile series of games! Numeracy: Building Fraction Fluency is to fractions what Scrabble® is to words, and is played in much the same way. Begin by simply pairing fraction pictures and numerals. From there, systematically build knowledge of equivalent fractions; the key role of 1; common denominators; and the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Constructing fraction number sentences is challenging and instructive! The 107 tiles feature fraction pictures or numerals with denominators through 12. A valuable resource for school and home. 

Educational Benefits: 

Build fluency in the use of fractions. Build computational fluency with fractions. 

Based on two simple rules, the games are ultra easy to play. Provides a series of stimulating games for building computational fluency with fractions. Players may choose from mental computation, calculators or paper and pencil to compute the best plays. Level playing for novice and master. Beginning with addition, operations are added to include subtraction, multiplication, division, squaring and square roots at the most advanced level. Supports state and national mathematics standards. 

What's in the Box?

Numeracy Building Fraction Fluency Game Board, Instructions, 107 Tiles 

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