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Place Value Activities Workbook -

Place Value Activities Workbook

$ 9.99

Place Value Activities Workbook 
by Remedia Publications 

Ages 7 + 
Grades 2nd - 12th 
Printed in the U.S.A. Supports NCTM Standards 

Our practice-packed activity book will help students master this essential math skill! Over 45 pages of activities offer a variety of formats to ensure a strong grasp of place value concepts. Matching, drills, number searches, number puzzles, riddles, skill challenges, and more provide reinforcement while keeping interest high. Students begin by reviewing the ones place and continue up to the millions place. Answer key included. Skills covered include: Identifying place value, writing largest & smallest number, comma placement, problem-solving, addition and subtraction (by 10, 100, 1,000), base ten blocks, and more! 
Skill Practice for ONES Place to MILLIONS Place! 

Place Values Activities Include: 
* Identifying Place Values
* Comma Placement
* Determining Largest & Smallest Numbers
* Writing Standard and Expanded Form Numbers
* Computation and Problem Solving
* Using base- ten Blocks to Show Place Values
* Using Money to Show Place values

Give your struggling math students an advantage with the extra practice provided in these comprehensive place value activities. A solid understanding of place value concepts is essential for success in math. 

Students will learn 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7-digit numbers. Each introduction is followed by a series of activities that reinforce an understanding of basic place value concepts. Each practice section is completed with a post-test in the form of a multiple-choice Skill Challenge. 

Completing the activities in this book will help provide a strong foundation for math students in grades two and up. The activities support NCTM Standards and state math standards and benchmarks. 

Skill-Specific Activities for:
* Ones Place
* Tens Place 
* Hundreds Place
* Thousands Place
* Ten Thousands Place
* Ten Thousands Place
* Hundred Thousands Place
* Millions Place

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