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Predator & Prey Quizmo Game


Predator & Prey Quizmo Game

$ 16.95

Predator and Prey Quizmo Game

Ages 10 +
Grades 4th +
Players 2 - 20
4 Levels of Play

Predator & Prey Quizmo Game
Food Chains, Biomes, and Producer & Consumer Practice 
Hunt down the missing link of a food chain, chase down the answers to predator/prey riddles and sink your teeth into identifying types of consumers and producers. With four levels of play, students will explore food chains, predator/prey relationships and levels among the world's biomes. 
Educational Benefits: 
By playing Predator & Prey Quizmo® students will: 1. Gain an understanding of how energy flows through an ecosystem, by way of food chains and food webs. 2. Identify and define levels. 3. Identify and define levels. 4. Identify and define the major types of consumers. 5. Provide examples of specific animals and plants that inhabit the world's biomes. 
What's in the Box?
70 Double-Sided Calling Cards
80 Game Boards
Plastic Markers
Instructional Guide

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