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Pretend and Play Teaching Telephone Activity Book -

Pretend & Play Teaching Telephone Activity Book

$ 9.95

Pretend and Play Teaching Telephone Activity Book 
by Learning Resources 

Ages 5 - 8 
Grades Kindergarten - 3rd 

Pretend and Play teaching Telephone Activity Book, help your child learn important telephone skills., talk about what to do in an emergency, and practice helpful telephone manners with the Teaching Telephone Activity Book. 

Developed for use with the Pretend and Play teaching Telephone, this colorful 32-page activity book provides hands-on activities that address important telephone facts and skills: 

  • Parts and Functions of a telephone  
  • Learning your telephone number 
  • Answering the telephone and making calls 
  • Talking telephone messages 
  • Leaving messages for others 
  • Deciding what to do in an emergency 
  • Dailing 911 for Police, Fire, and Paramedics 
  • Using a telephone directory 

Adults are encouraged to work alongside children with these activities, to help them read the book, use their telephone, and practice telephone skills. 

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