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Reading Roundup Game

Educational Insights

Reading Roundup Game

$ 14.95

Reading Roundup Board Game
by Educational Insights

Ages 5 +
Players 2 - 4
Teaches 25 key Kindergarten words!
Eco-Friendly Word Play Game!

Howdy y’all! It’s a reading race through the southwest! Pick your cards, gallop around the board to round up all your words, and giddy up home before the other players to win! Game features the top 25 building block words.

This game is Earth Friendly! It's printed with vegetable-based ink on recycled paper and board.

Award Winning Games:

2011 Dr. Toy Green Toys Award

What's in the Box?

Game board (16.5"W x 16.5"H), 50-word cards, and 4 game pieces

How to Play Reading Roundup! Game:

1. Each player chooses a game piece and places it on the corresponding “home base.”
There is one “home base” in each corner of the board.
2. Shuffle the cards.
3. Deal five cards to each player. Put the remaining cards away.
4. Players place their cards face up in front of them.
5. Pick the youngest player to go first. Play continues to the left.
6. Start at your “home base” and move your game piece one space, which is connected
by the lasso path.
7. Land on a space with a word that matches one of your cards, say the word and flip the
card face down. If you land on a space that has more than one of your words, read and
flip over up to two cards. If you land on a space without any of your words, wait there
until your next turn.
8. Move one space per turn and only in the direction of the bird.
9. When all of your cards are face down, you have found all your words on the board and
can start heading back to your home base. Remember—move back one space per turn.
10. The player to reach “home base” first wins the game!

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