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Rhyme Out! Game

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Rhyme Out! Game

$ 12.99

Rhyme Out! Card Game

Ages 10 - Adult
Grades 5 +
3 or more Players

It’s rhyme time with a triple twist!

This triple-rhyming family-friendly card game spans all ages and includes 600 questions (2 levels).


It took a foursome to dream up this totally terrific triple-rhyming word game. Longtime friends Linda, Mike, Rich, and Robin came up with this game of wits and rhymes on a shared beach vacation. Their chaise lunge musings became Rhyme Out™ - the super-duper, throw-you-for-a-looper, fast-paced family card game.

It’s rhyme time with a triple twist. Listen to three consecutive clues and be the first to respond with three correct answers—that rhyme—to collect a card. Collect ten cards to win this tricky, triple-rhyming word race game. With two levels of play, 600 questions, and game-changing “Steal” Cards, Rhyme Out is a super-duper, throw-you-for-alooper fun family game!

Award Winner

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Gold Seal Award 2012

What's in the Box?

• 300 cards (600 questions) at two playing levels, including 60 special “Steal” Cards (30 at each level)
• Instructions

Object of the Game:

Be the first player to collect ten cards. Players collect a card by being first to respond with the three correct rhyming words after hearing the clues.

How to Play:

1. Take turns drawing cards & reading the three clues aloud.
2. Race to shout out three correct responses -- that RHYME!
3. Win a "steal" card & steal cards from other players.
4. Collect ten cards and you win!

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