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Rounding & Estimation Flash Cards

Rounding & Estimation Flash Cards

$ 13.95

Rounding and Estimation Flash Cards 

Ages 8 - 11 
Grades 3rd - 6th 
Rounding and Estimation 179 doubled-sided Flash Cards  

Rounding and Estimation Flash Cards Rounding and Estimation Flash Cards include two levels of numbers that need to be rounded. Level 1 consists of whole numbers to the millions, and Level 2 consists of decimal numbers to the thousandths. Within these two levels, the numbers increase in difficulty allowing the students to practice at various levels. The numbers that need to be rounded are on one side of the cards. For these numbers, one digit is underlined, and the number is rounded to the place of the underlined digit. For example, 285,293 is rounded to 290,000.

Notched corners for quick organization. Large, easy to handle 6-1/4 x 3-1/4 inches cards. Bold, heavy type to use with large groups. Durable, thick card stock 14 pt. Self-checking. Great for small groups, pairs, and whole class participation. Rounding and Estimation Flash Cards displays problems on both sides of the cards. The answers to the problems are found on the opposite sides of the cards. 

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