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Singular and Plurals Quizmo Game


Singular and Plurals Quizmo Game

$ 16.95

Singular and Plurals Quizmo Game

Ages 8+
Grades 3rd - 8th
Players 2 - 20

Show children the concept of singular and plural words in a fun and challenging way. 

Singular & Plurals Quizmo® will help students put to memory the rules of making words plural by identifying singular and plural words then putting them in the opposite form. 

Practice addresses eight different rules for making words plural!

Educational Benefits: 

Plural Words are words that express the idea or involvement of two or more people or things.  These words usually become plural by adding -s or -es to a singular word.  However, many plurals do not follow this simple rule.  There are many rules to follow in determining how to put the word into plural form, and it is important that students see these words as frequently as possible in order to put them to memory.  It is helpful to remind children that if they do not know the plural form of a word, they can look up the singular form in the dictionary to get the plural form.  By playing Singular & Plural Quizmo® students will: Apply grammar and mechanical conventions; Change words from singular to plural form;  Identify the singular form of a plural word;  Identify the plural form of a singular word.

What's in the Box?

40 double-sided game boards, at four levels of play, 70 double-sided calling cards, plastic markers, and instructional guide.

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